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Scheduling Messages for the Future
Pre-program the launch of messages in the future so you never have to worry!

We offer two options for sending messages in the future: Campaigns and Broadcasts.

  • Campaigns: These are better for messages or flows sent in relation to a specific date & time value around which they can be scheduled. For example, you could create a campaign to send a message every month reminding pregnant people to schedule check-ups based on the date of each contact's creation in your account or their due date. Not every contact will receive the messages at the same time! Rather, the messages are sent in relation to their date of creation or due date. If this sounds like what you're looking for, check out our Introduction to Campaigns.

  • Broadcast Messages are your go-to for delivering messages to multiple contacts at a specified time. They offer bulk communication, allowing you to send messages to a diverse audience with one click. For example, if you wanted to tell everyone in a group that you will be having a fundraising event in 2 weeks, you could send a Broadcast which would go out to everyone in that group at the exact same time.

Key Differences

💪 Group Flexibility: Broadcasts empower you to send messages to more than one group, providing a wide-reaching impact. Campaigns act upon one group alone.

➡️ Broadcast-Only Functionality: Unlike Campaigns, Broadcast Messages focus only on message delivery, which is great for time-sensitive communication. A Campaign is a range of events, including starting contacts in a flow.

⏰ Dedicated Tab: Campaigns have their own tab, offering a designated space for planning your series of events. Broadcasts can be found in the Messages tab.

Campaign Use Case

In the example below, we're using a custom-created 'Due Date' date & time field and incorporating it into a Campaign to send mothers healthcare reminders.

Here, contacts will receive the events in relation to their individual due dates. Everyone in the group will receive the messages at different times. The cool thing about Campaigns is that you can send both before and after a date & time field!

Broadcast Use Case

In our Broadcast example, we're sending a single message to 2 different groups letting them know about a vaccination drive. We'll send this single message on a designated date & time.

Because this a Broadcast, all members of the groups will receive the message at the same time!

Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

Both features offer unique advantages- it boils down to the nature of your communication needs. As you navigate, consider the specific demands of your messaging strategy and leverage the power of these features accordingly.

If you can't decide or have questions we are happy to help!