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Keyword Triggers Are Now a Whole Lot Easier
We've added keyword triggers that work for many keywords at once.

We've seen some feedback on keyword triggers and how they could get a bit too cumbersome for our power users.

The issue

A common pattern we saw was folks creating many keyword triggers to go to the same flow. In some cases, this was simply to capture common misspellings in the keywords themselves. The problem is, if you've got a bunch of triggers going to one flow and then change which flow they pointed to, you'd need to update each trigger one at a time.

How we've made it better

Now, you can specify as many keywords as you like for a single trigger. This makes your trigger list easier to view and update as needed. Here is an example from everybody's favorite Cat Fact Bot on Telegram, Purrington:

If you had lots of keyword triggers pointing to the same flow, we've gone ahead and merged them automatically for you.

Read more about setting up keyword triggers.

If you have any questions or just want to run some ideas by the team, we are always happy to help.