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All credit bundles are good for a full year.
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2.¢ each


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1.1¢ each


1.¢ each


0.9¢ each


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0.45¢ each

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Nyaruka built a powerful yet flexible product that allows us to interact with our patients and research subjects. Their customer focus is second to none.
Dr. Thomas A. Odeny
University of Washington

Software isn't just ones and zeros. Nyaruka understands this, providing expert technical guidance, dependable support and applications that shine.
Sean Blaschke

I highly recommend Nyaruka for ICT for health initiatives.
Dr. Agnes Binagwaho
Hon. Minister of Health, Rwanda

Nyaruka takes pride in delivering a quality product that not only works well but looks fantastic.
Nupur Parikh

Nyaruka's attention to detail and creativity is impressive. Frankly, I don't know where our business would be without them.
Sloan Holzman
Nuru Energy International

Commonly Asked Questions

How are credits counted?
Each message you send or receive uses one credit. You can add credits at any time and we'll only expire them if you don't use them for a full year. We'll remind you when your balance gets low so you never miss a message.
How do I use TextIt in my country?
The easiest, most popular way to use TextIt is to hook it up to an aggregator like Twilio or Nexmo. Aggregators provide virtual numbers you can use to send and receive messages on behalf of your account. In countries where virtual numbers aren't provided, you can use a cheap Android phone to send and receive messages. It's also possible to take advantage of short codes, reverse billing, or even direct connections with local carriers. Not sure which to use? No problem. We recommend channels based on your account's timezone to ensure maximum convenience. In fact, we put together a guide for deploying in your country.
Can you help us build our sms application?
Absolutely! We want your organization to get the best possible results from using TextIt. Send us a message, we'd be happy to help you get started. For more challenging projects we also offer on-site visits, contact us for details.
Can I pay without a credit card?
Smaller bundles must be paid for by credit card, but for bundles valued at $1,000 or greater we can accept payments by wire transfer and provide invoices.
Do you offer bundles for even larger organizations?
Of course, just contact us and we can put together a package to suit your needs.

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